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Designer Drugs

MDMA and structurally related substances are synthetic amphetamine derivatives and are also considered so-called designer drugs, as they are produced fully synthetically in laboratories. Since the 1990s, MDMA in pill form (ecstasy) has been established in Switzerland as a party drug, later also in form of powder or crystal.

Ecstasy is mainly taken orally, the MDMA powder is snorted. In the case of MDMA, recreational use dominates, however no consumption of psychoactive substances is without risk. If several substances are mixed, also with alcohol, this can lead to major health risks.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines are synthetically produced substances with stimulating effects. Amphetamines, also called speed, come in the form of powder or pills. They often contain impurities and additives such as caffeine. Methamphetamine is mostly available as a pill (Thai pill) or as a powder (Crystal, Ice). The substances are mainly swallowed or snorted, especially methamphetamine is also smoked. Intravenous injection is rare. Methamphetamine in particular is considered a drug with a high risk of addiction.

The use of amphetamines is particularly widespread in the party scene. However, they are also used as performance enhancers and slimming agents. In the party scene, the use of amphetamines is often supplemented by other substances such as ecstasy or cocaine. Would you like to critically question your drug use? Our counsellors can help you.

This is how we support you

  • For those affected: We offer competent, confidential and free counselling on all questions relating to drugs and addiction.
  • Counselling for significant others: We help you to take the first step. It is of no use to you or the person affected if you continue to endure and accept the situation.


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