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Shopping Addiction

This behavioural addiction is characterised by being very preoccupied with buying in one’s mind, feeling a strong urge to do so and ultimately losing control over the buying behaviour. Very often, one does not need the purchased products or quickly loses interest in them, perhaps not even opening the package. A possible negative consequence of this behaviour can be indebtedness. On an emotional level, self-reproach, guilt and dejection become more and more intense.

Initially, a positive feeling is associated with buying, a kind of reward. However, in the course of the addiction, the function of the buying behaviour becomes more and more the coping with or repression of unpleasant feelings and states, which arise precisely because of the buying addiction. Breaking this vicious circle is a real challenge.

If this sounds familiar to you, if you want to protect yourself from a shopping addiction or are looking for a way out of it, then you have come to the right place.

This is how we support you

  • For those affected: We offer competent, confidential and free counselling on all questions related to shopping addiction.
  • Counselling for significant others: We help you to take the first step. It is of no use to you or the person affected if you continue to endure and accept the situation.


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