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Social Media

It is hard to imagine today’s world without social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. Through them, we can easily share content with the world, network and interact with each other. But beware - there are also dangers lurking in the social networks!

Companies aim to keep users on their platform as long as possible in order to be attractive for advertising partners. Constant confirmation, signal colours and other positive design elements are used to make users want to keep scrolling. The range of appealing content seems endless. Images edited with filters, complemented with pleasing short texts, show only the best of other people’s lives. Content that we get to see is carefully selected by algorithms so that it has the highest possible probability of being liked by us. The social media apps can thus become an escape into an ideal world. People with low self-esteem are particularly at risk. By posting regularly, one gets attention and affirmation. However, quite many users then come under pressure to publish posts regularly so that the likes and comments do not fail to materialise. This can lead to depressive moods.

Those affected find it hard to imagine spending a few days without their social networks. Priorities change: virtual contacts become more important than real ones, hobbies lose importance, maybe even the job is neglected. Mentally, affected people are constantly on the apps, their mood deteriorates when they can’t use the app.

If your everyday life often takes place on social media and you find yourself reaching for your mobile phone more and more often, it is worth taking a closer look at your own consumption. We are happy to assist you with our expertise.

This is how we support you

  • Offer for young people: We help you develop a healthy approach to Social media and are there for you.
  • For those affected: We offer competent, confidential and free counselling on all questions related Social Media and addiction.
  • Counselling for significant others: We help you to take the first step. It is of no use to you or the person affected if you continue to endure and accept the situation.


Would you like to get to know the Blue Cross / MUSUB, do you have questions about our offers or certain substances and dependencies? We are here for you, free of charge, confidentially and uncomplicated.

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