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The drug cocaine, also known by street names like snow, flake, candy or sugar, is usually found in the form of white powder and is consumed in the most diverse scenes and social classes. In various contexts, it is used to enhance performance, as a party drug or mixed with other substances (e.g. heroin).

Used continuously and/or intensively, it can lead to psychological effects (such as irritability, aggression, anxiety and confusion) and cause severe physical consequences (such as brain and organ damage, general physical degradation).

The effect of cocaine is stimulating and generally activating. An increased sociability and the triggering of euphoric feelings are described. Hunger and thirst are reduced. At higher doses, anxiety, paranoid states and even psychoses can be triggered.

The main danger is the rapid development of a strong psychological dependence.

This is how we support you

  • For those affected: We offer competent, confidential and free counselling on all questions related to cocaine and addiction.
  • Counselling for significant others: We help you to take the first step. It is of no use to you or the person affected if you continue to endure and accept the situation.


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